Hi, welcome to Betty Chiu's webiste. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer.

If you have a project you would like me to work on, please contact me at hi@bettychiu.com

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NMPD Dream Factory Website

Graphic / Concept Design / Motion Graphic by Betty Chiu
3D Modeling / 3D Animation / Website Layout by Liam Yoo
Sound Effect / Website Development / Character Design by Kane Villeneuve
Narrator / Copy Writing by Kristen Drozda

Client: SAIT NMPD - Production Company | Date: 2016 Apr

Our concept of New Media Production and Design is like a dream factory. Students who enter NMPD will get an upgrade at each station. There are 5 stations: Website, Rich Media, Visual, Production Company, and Business Plan. By traveling through those 5 stations, students will become successful designers.

We wanted our audience to think our program is playful and full of fun so this factory is more like a playground. Each station contains the different elements of each course. In ‘Web Communication’, our instructor shoots HTML and CSS code on the student. Next, the student goes to ‘Business Course’ where our instructor beams business elements into the student. After that, the student goes to ‘Rich Media’. At this station, our instructor injects the special recipe into the student. Next, the student goes to ‘Visual Communication’. At this station, he is given photo editing skills. In the end, the student goes into the giant engine with NMPD’s logo. When he comes out, the student becomes a professional designer.

See my design process here

3D Modeling and video by Liam Yoo.
Concept and Story by Betty Chiu.
Narrator by Kristen Drozda

Sketch of NMPD dream factory

How We started Design...

Sketch and Concept by Betty Chiu.

I drew our dream factory on the paper, but the sketch on the paper was getting messy and hard to tell. Therefore, I traced again in Photoshop by Wacom tablet.

concept of NMPD dream factory

I drew more details with references so it was easier for our 3D artist Liam Loo to render.

3D modeling of NMPD dream factory

Here is the final result. Click here to see the video.

icons' design in NMPD website

I designed all the icons for motion graphics.