Hi, welcome to Betty Chiu's webiste. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer.

If you have a project you would like me to work on, please contact me at hi@bettychiu.com

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Poster of saitsaprick

#saitsaprick Button Collection Campaign

What I did: Graphic / Illustration / Photography

Client: SAITSA | Date: 2016 Aug

SAIT Students' Association owns some operations that we want to use to attract students attend because we want to encourage students’ participation. I designed different buttons from each event and operation we own. If students use our services, they will receive buttons. Students have to collect all the buttons in order to win prizes.

Because our target audience is young students and those buttons have to be attractive enough to make students want to collect them, following current design trends to make well-crafted designs is really important. Flat design and rich colours are very visually appealing on buttons.

website's banner saitsaprick's buttons saitsaprick's buttons saitsaprick's poster

Posters were on the boards and windows at SAIT campus.

saitsaprick's poster