Hi, welcome to Betty Chiu's webiste. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer.

If you have a project you would like me to work on, please contact me at hi@bettychiu.com

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Poster of Polar Jam

2017 SAITSA Welcome Week: Polar Jam

What I did: Layout / Illustration

Client: SAITSA | Date: 2017 Jan

This year SAIT Students' Association wants to do something different for our welcome week. Polar Jam means SAITSA’s exciting welcome week can bring you warmth in such snowy winter. We want to be more playful and interesting to catch students’ eyes.

The concept of this poster is that even a Yeti can find a warm place in SAITSA’s welcome week. Our welcome week is like a cozy fireplace for the Yeti. Although the Yeti should be scary, I transformed it to more approaching to our students by making it cuter.

See my design process here

Music YYC poster

2017 SAITSA Welcome Week: MusicYYC

What I did: Layout / Illustration

Client: SAITSA | Date: 2017 Jan

This poster is for music concert at The Gateway during welcome week. They are all related so I used the same Yeti holding beer and music notes in the background. The Gateway is one of SAITSA operated pub. It is one of iconic music pub in Calgary.

Poster of Melt Down with the Dudes

Melt Down featuring the Dudes

What I did: Layout / Illustration

Client: SAITSA | Date: 2017 Mar

Melt Down Featuring the Dudes is summer special event in The Gateway. It is a free music concert for SAIT/ACAD students. This event is celebrating summer, so our yeti is enjoying the sun and drinking cocktail.

How I started my design...

I started the design from sketching Yeti. I tried different faces and shapes. I also considered where the text placed.

sketch of Polar Jam sketch of melt down with

Because no one has really seen a real yeti, I can let my imagination go wild.

sketch of Polar Jam sketch of Polar Jam

Posters were all over SAIT campus.
* We spelled "Jamuary" on purpose. That is to match of our title: Polar "Jam".

Poster of Polar Jam in the rack Poster of Polar Jam